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Support every 5G device. For customers & contact center agents.  

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Help customers check if their device is 5G-ready

Combine 5G upgrades and customer support – in one tool

The 5G checker is a device detection tool that helps customers check if their device is 5G-ready. Leading them directly to your webshop when upgrades are necessary. Or prompting them to choose a 5G plan when their device is compatible.

The 5G checker enables:

Automatic device detection and checks 5G-compatibility

A quick path to device & plan upgrades

Support call-reductions

Easy website integration (no technical dependencies)

The 5G turning point – Infographic

We’ve compiled the latest data and insights from the world of 5G.

End-to-end 5G device guides and support

Deliver effective support content on the day of product launch

Providing the right content online saves costs, time and customers’ frustration. For every 5G-device launched, we ensure effective support. From day 1. Across all your channels.

With effective online support for customers, tools & training for agents, we:

Cut costs and calls
Reduce AHT
Increase customer satisfaction
Improve customer support KPIs

We deliver step-by-step tutorials, troubleshooters, smart routing and one-click fixes for customers & agents.

5G support for connected devices

Solve 5G connectivity issues in real-time. Simplify support.

More connectivity means more complexity – and more issues. The IoT troubleshooter delivers effective support for all connected devices. From assisting with installations to solving connectivity issues – the IoT troubleshooter simplifies the entire process.

The IoT troubleshooter provides:

Smart diagnostics and personalized solutions

Single support path, covering all device-related issues

One-click fixes

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