Full broadband support

Empower customers & agents with smart installation assistants, remote diagnostics & troubleshooting.

Trusted by 70+ brands and 400 Million end-users

End-to-end support for the full broadband service lifecycle

  • Reduce costs: 37% support calls reduction
  • Improve CX: NPS +50 (independent client survey)
  • Lower Effort = Lower Churn 
  • 20% reduction of NFF & equipment swaps
  • Generate revenues: Targeted In-app upselling & cross-selling

Internet & TV self-installations made easy

No more complicated guides & endless searches for the right PDF. The Qelp Installation Assistant is an engaging support tool for all broadband, TV & fixed telephony installations.

  • Effective installation guides, personalized to customers’ situation
  • Step-by-step instructions and supporting visuals
  • Built-in smart troubleshooter


Broadband & TV support

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