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Improve your care content in weeks. Turn your online support experience into a sustainable competitive advantage.

Speed optimization with AI-enabled precision
Improve findability with advanced SEO strategies
Optimize usability – make online support frictionless
Fill the content gaps and improve relevance

Speed optimization with AI-enabled precision

Combining data from online & offline touchpoints enables us to eliminate silos and gain an end-to-end customer journey overview. By leveraging AI & advanced analytics, we uncover support pain points that drive up contact center costs and deliver negative experiences.

Focusing on high impact support areas, we redesign underperforming customer journeys. Using in-house digital capabilities and scalable content production, we launch improved support experiences in a matter of weeks. With real-time analytics, we gain immediate insights into what’s working and what needs further optimization.

Improve findability – leverage advanced SEO strategies to maximize self-service visibility

Great support content is of no use if your customers can’t find it.

Having an overview of the end-to-end support journey provides us with insights into customers’ search behavior & intent. Understanding customers’ questions and the way they formulate them, enables us to optimize the content’s search engine visibility.

We streamline navigation and make sure every click is usable with behavioral analytics, heat maps and session recordings. Regardless of the starting point or device in-hand, we enable customers to find the right care content effortlessly.

Increase your website traffic by 90% or more. 


Problem Resolution Rate

Optimize usability – make online support frictionless

Making your content easy to find is only half the battle. If your tutorials & troubleshooters are too complex, are not up-to-date, lack adequate visuals or simply don’t look optimal on mobile, customers will still call the contact center.

Supporting over 400 million users annually, we leverage our deep industry experience to optimize the care content on an ongoing basis. We test best practices and innovative experiences while tracking the impact with real-time analytics.

With targeted improvements and short optimization sprints, we are able to improve support KPIs rapidly.

We deliver up to an 85% Problem Resolution rate which helps us to deflect unnecessary support calls. Reducing customer effort with optimized care content improves NPS and customer loyalty.

Fill the content gaps

When starting on a new care content optimization project, we often identify an unusual trend. There is a mismatch between the top call drivers in the contact center and the most popular topics in the online help section.

That’s usually because of missing or difficult to find online support content. With scalable, in-house content production we are able to fill the content gaps in a matter of weeks or even days. This results in a reduction in avoidable support calls.

With high volume call drivers, we achieve up to 20% call deflection.


call deflection with high volume call drivers

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