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Qelp was founded with the purpose of helping people outsmart technology. As technology continues to evolve, so do we. That’s why we’ve joined the SYKES family, providing you with an even greater suite of services, technology, systems and expertise.

Superior smartphone self-service support

QelpCare Mobile

The world’s leading smartphone solution
Omnichannel support for all devices on the day of market launch.  

  • 30% support calls reduction 
  • 85% problem resolution rate
  • 40% reduction in AHT & repeat calls

Reduce costs & boost loyalty with effective broadband support

End-to-end support for the full broadband service lifecycle

  • Reduce costs: 37% support calls reduction
  • Improve CX: NPS +50 (independent client survey)
  • Lower Effort = Lower Churn 
  • 20% reduction of NFF & equipment swaps
  • Generate revenues: Targeted In-app upselling & cross-selling

Internet & TV self-installations made easy

No more complicated guides & endless searches for the right PDF. The Qelp Installation Assistant is an engaging support tool for all broadband, TV & fixed telephony installations.

  • Effective installation guides, personalized to customers’ situation
  • Step-by-step instructions and supporting visuals
  • Built-in smart troubleshooter


Broadband & TV support

Intelligent support for all Smart Home & IoT questions 

Our homes are getting smarter. However, when an issue arises – more connectivity means more complexity for end-users.

Whether users need assistance with installation or problem solving, The IoT Troubleshooter simplifies the entire process.

  • Single support path, covering all device related issues and solving them in real-time
  • Smart diagnostics and personalized solutions


Software & apps support

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How Pearson improved customer experience (CX) with effective self-service support

The challenge:

  • Ineffective support content & optimization processes
  • Low Problem Resolution Score
  • High costs driven by large volume avoidable support calls


  • From concept to launch in 5 weeks
  • Improved Problem Resolution Score – from 15% to 70%
  • $1.4 million saved in the first 3 weeks – deflected support calls
  • Increased organic traffic
  • Higher customer satisfaction and NPS
  • Reduced workload for agents

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