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Cut costs with effective
self-service support

Billing, Device support questions & other customer FAQs answered online, instantly.

Trusted by 70+ brands and 400 Million end-users

Improve customer experience, while reducing costs with optimized self-service content & tools

Smartphone guides & tools

Cut costs with effective tutorials, troubleshooters, one-click fixes & support tools for your customers & agents.

Interactive bill explanation tool

Answer customer questions online with interactive bill explanation, detailed cost break downs and interactive tours.

Full broadband support

Empower customers & agents with smart installation assistants, remote diagnostics & troubleshooting.

Software & App guides

Interactive, step-by-step guides for any software or app, optimized for any device or channel.

Results our clients accomplish on an ongoing basis


Call deflection of high volume call drivers


Problem Resolution Score (PRS)


Increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS)


Reduction in AHT & repeat calls

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From creating effective self-service support to empowering agents with smart tools, we help your customers find answers to their questions effortlessly.
Using our in-house capabilities, you can scale your content production without scaling your team.
We leverage all latest technologies to create & optimize future-proof omni-channel support.

Superior online experiences

Agent tools & training

Content creation at scale

Chatbot & Community implementations

AI-driven optimization

The world’s leading smartphone support solution

Effective support content for all devices on the day of the market launch.

Step-by-step tutorials, troubleshooters and one-click fixes for both customers & agents.

  • Reduce costs by deflecting unnecessary support calls 
  • Drive down AHT by better agent training & support tools (e.g smart routing, centralized knowledge base, customer journey insights)
  • Continuously optimize support KPIs based on both online and call center data

We deliver superior customer experience in every support channel and reduce costs by deflecting unnecessary support calls.

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    effective mobile self-service in the first 12 months

    Is billing still your #1 call driver?

    For many Telecoms, billing is still the number one reason for incoming customer calls.

    With our Billing support you can educate customers online about any questions about their bill.

    The tool provides an interactive explanation of the bill and can answer your most common bill questions. Your customers can simply take the bill tour that gives them the full overview or click on any section of interest.

    This helps Telcos bring down support costs and increase the self-service success rate of their website.


     Billing support

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    Reduce costs & boost loyalty with effective broadband support

    End-to-end support for the full broadband service lifecycle

    • Reduce costs: 37% support calls reduction
    • Improve CX: NPS +50 (independent client survey)
    • Lower Effort = Lower Churn 
    • 20% reduction of NFF & equipment swaps
    • Generate revenues: Targeted In-app upselling & cross-selling

    Internet & TV self-installations made easy

    No more complicated guides & endless searches for the right PDF. The Qelp Installation Assistant is an engaging support tool for all broadband, TV & fixed telephony installations.

    • Effective installation guides, personalized to customers’ situation
    • Step-by-step instructions and supporting visuals
    • Built-in smart troubleshooter


    Broadband & TV support