Help your agents. At home & in contact centers

Replace physical device samples with virtual emulators

Switch from device to device in a click. Accelerate problem resolution. Reduce AHT.

Trusted by 70+ brands and 400 Million end-users

Empower your entire workforce with virtual emulators

Physical device sourcing is expensive, logistically difficult and slows down onboarding time.

Virtual emulators bring every device onto your agents’ desktop. From smartphones to any other consumer device, our digital replicas enable all possible resolution paths. Regardless of OS and network settings, our application:

Is instantly available to all agents 

Reduces costs for device samples and logistics

Eliminates storing & maintenance costs of physical devices

Shortens onboarding & average handling time 

Integrate seamlessly with existing customer service systems

Help your agents. At home & in contact centers

With more agents working from home, device sourcing is becoming a bigger challenge.

Virtual emulators provide a solution by bringing every physical device onto your agents’ screen. Enabling them to replicate the exact customer’s experience and accelerate problem resolution.

Replicate the exact on-device user experience and click paths 

Switch from device to device in a click 

Cover 70-95% of all problem scenarios

Flagship devices available ahead of the official launch 

Available in all languages, OS versions, operator-specific and network settings

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